Mr X


Mr X is Italian, but not at all your stereotypical Italian…  tall, slim, romantic, smooth, airy (not hairy), looking good on the water….we are still getting to know each other having only met properly last year for the first time (Sept 2015)… Honeymoon period you could say, we have not spent much time together yet but the signs are promising. Guess we will have plenty of time to get well acquainted in the coming months.

Like all Italians, he  is stylish and likes his food and his creatures’ comfort… well appointed and spacious, with 3 cabins (can sleep up to 8 people), 2 bathrooms, a roomy galley and plenty of storage.

For the purist amongst you… I know he should be a she, but Mr X is definitely male…

My favourite thing, the teak deck….nothing like a teak deck under bare feet.

Ian’s favourite thing the wind steering gear or whatever gadget he has been playing with last.

If you are into vital statistics…