Let’s go sailing

Castingthe world in my hands off and sailing into the sunset has  been in the back of our mind for many years, but the (loose) plan has really taken shape in 2016. Finding Mr X, Grand Soleil 39, crystallised our thoughts.

After crossing the Atlantic in November 16, we spent 2 years in the Caribbean, going up and down the islands between Trinidad and Puerto Rico. We transited the Panama  Canal  in March 19. Since then we have been exploring the beautiful islands of the Pacific. We arrived in New Zealand in November 19, and like the rest of the world we have come to a standstill in March 20. We are experiencing our first winter in 4 years, but feeling lucky to be here.

The world is in our hands....

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New Zealand – Jan 21

Waiting for the right weather window in Napier, Hawkes Bay was very enjoyable. So much to do and see.  Highlights… definitely the wineries!

We finally made it to the South Island, in time to walk the Abel Tasman Track. Camping! That was pretty special.

Hawkes Bay – Jan 21

South Island – Jan 21


New Zealand – Dec 20

Christmas is fast approaching and the weather has not really improved. We have had to shelter out of the worst of it along the way. On the bright side we have visited (and liked) places we never though we’d see. We had Christmas and New Year in Napier, perfect place to celebrate with a party and fireworks.

Tauranga – Dec 20

Gisborne – Dec 20

Napier – Dec 20

New Zealand – Nov 20

Back to our nomadic ways. With summer on its way we are beginning our migration south. The aim is to have Christmas in the South Island. Plenty of  opportunities to visit some  fabulous new places on  the way. We particularly enjoyed our walks in Great Barrier and the Coromandel.

Northlands – Nov 20

Great Barrier Island – Nov 20

Coromandel – Nov 20

New Zealand – Nov 20

The Bay off Islands is truly a special place, we never tire of it. There are so many islands, coves and bays to visit, we could probably stay here for many more months. Finally managed to sample the wine at the  Omata Vinyard, and very good it was too. The weather has not been brilliant unfortunately. We had to shelter in Opunga Cove for a few days. It did brighten up and we enjoyed Urupukapuka island. With loads of  walks and resident sheep, it is very scenic. Going back to Whangarei where we have a few things to do and then we will make our way south slowly.

New Zealand Bay of Islands – Nov 20