Deshaies – River walk

Monday 15th November

River walk

Going ashore today, we want to do the walk along the river. Actually more of a scramble on rocks along the river, fighting our way in undergrowth when there is too much water in the river bed. Quiet pools of still clear green water alternate with fast moving streams. Hoping from rock to rock we manage to reach the end of the walk with dry feet. The fortress trees with their buttress roots always capture my attention with their architectural quality. It’s a beautiful landscape. The path has lead us back to the road and we pass a little church in the middle a nowhere, complete with a Calvary. Above the little village of Deshaies the views of the bay are breathtaking.  It is too early to go back so we decide to find the beach which is not so far. And what a beach,  absolutely pristine, and no one in sight. Quick stop for a swim. We found a path leading back to the village just behind the beach. The most intriguing swamp runs along the back, the colour of its water, bright red is otherworldly. Almost blood red, the water reflects the trees in a creepy way. it conjures up all sort of malefic visions. God only knows what make the water so. It is a chilling sight. We need to go up and over the steep hill in beautiful woodland full of butterflies and birds. At each turn I am hoping for a clearing of the trees so we can look back and see the full extent of the beach below. I have to wait until the top to be rewarded by that view. Guess we know what we will be doing tomorrow. The down path is much easier and in no time we are back to the village, via the art deco school and the cemetery.